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Convenience Over Pleasure: Money Over Happiness

by Dan on November 3, 2011

I am not happy in life unless I am fulfilled. Money makes life easier, but it is not inherently fulfilling. So, one is presented with the eternal enigma: what will make my life complete? Only he who asks the question can answer it honestly. For me, life is complete when I do something I love, with someone I love in a place that I love. For some, money equates to love, and for those I grieve.


It’s a worn argument, but nevertheless its prominence in today’s society demonstrates it is still a topic worthy for discussion. It also may seem strange that a website advocating making money would consider such philosophical musings.

However, there is method in the madness. People will often stay with a job simply because it pays better, or because they feel that they would be stupid to not take the opportunity for some extra financial security. But at what cost do these people settle for more?

When the recession hit the banks in Germany, cuts were inevitable and many previously well-paid bankers were finding themselves unemployed. Many were still highly employable and quickly settled into other careers, but one, dissatisfied with his quality of life, decided to take drastic action.

Noticing a niche in the market he set up a Currywurst van outside his old offices. Within weeks, the van was so popular he had to employ 2 people at lunchtime to serve his hungry clients. Despite this success, he was making a fraction of his former salary. Asked if he was happier serving curried sausage, he replied with an emphatic ‘yes!’

And this is because, shock horror, money isn’t everything. You work for the vast majority of your time, so you must make sure that you enjoy your job. If you find yourself thinking that you hate your job and that you’d love to be your own boss, work under your own rules and make your own money, then why don’t you check out some of our Little Earners?

Ok, so if you’re a high-flying lawyer, they might not make you the same money – though, then again, the little earners could end up making you a lot more. But as has been argued already, money isn’t everything. Rather, Little Earner is here to make sure you can make money whilst enjoying life.

So explore your options today and love your life.


Dan Little

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