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Christmas: Turkey Shoot or All Time Low?

by Dan on November 14, 2011

The Turkey Shoot: an unbelievably easy task, with the odds overwhelmingly in favour of the person doing the (metaphorical) shooting. At Christmas, the vast majority of people equate the festive season with over-indulgence and inflated profits. They therefore become a little more reckless with spend in the hope that the returns will be huge.

Be careful, though, because it seems that this isn’t always the case. First, not all products sell well at christmas; if your business is online and selling services or products like make money programs, you’re more likely to see a dip in sales than a rise. This is because people spend more money on presents and consumables at this time of year, so the money otherwise spent on themselves will be spent on toys, food and drink.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, small businesses often experience cash-flow troubles over christmas time. This is because recent surveys suggest that the Christmas period sees more financial stafff taking holidays, which means that invoices and bills are less likely to be paid. This has a domino effect across a variety of businesses: if someone fails to pay you, you may not have the money to cover your own costs. This can mean big trouble for you, as you may have to resort to costly alternatives; such as credit and debt.

It is, therefore, imperative that you begin preparing for the Christmas period now by ensuring there are enough funds in your account to cover any invoice deficits. If this means taking a small personal paycut for the season, then so be it, because it will help you save money in the long-term. Also, make sure that you receive some sort of advance for services you’re going to render. This is difficult for affiliate marketers to do, but other work-from-homers can achieve this. So, where possible, require part-payment over the Christmas period before you start work.

That said, stay positive about the real prospect of huge profits over the festive season if you can really nail the right products! Do some research and take advantage of the consumerism! We all know that Christmas can be a bona-fide turkey shoot, so take advantage of all the Christmas spirit and make some proper dough!


Dan Little

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