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Celebrity Chefs: What Can They Offer You by Way of Inspiration?

by Dan on October 11, 2011

A little off topic, but herein lies a tale of value…

Sitting down to catch up one of my favourite cooking shows, I had a sudden brainwave. Well, perhaps not a brain wave, but something had piqued my interest. I was sat there seeing synergies and connections left right and centre. My favourite celebrity chefs were, in actual fact, amongst my favourite entrepreneurs. The way in which they’ve conducted their business affairs is exemplary and they are not only excellent cooks, but they are also excellent business people. Naturally, this got me thinking about Little Earner and, specifically, about how I could use the story of these chefs to help guide people towards a brighter more prosperous future.

1# Jamie Oliver

To those not familiar with British television cooks, Jamie Oliver is a very good example of great cook meets great businessman. Not only has he diversified into American television shows, but he has also set up a chain of restaurants, Jamie’s Italian, with remarkable speed, efficiency and pragmatism. With stores now around the country their popularity is obvious from the difficulty in getting a table on occasions. It’s not just the way in which he conducts his business, but it’s the way in which he involves himself with it. He proudly proclaims that he should have been Italian. If this isn’t passion for what you do, I don’t know what is. To succeed in a business you must be passionate about it: you must be prepared to do the long shifts, for the sleepless nights, to occasionally put the business before your family and yourself, to hit lows big enough to make you want to quit; love what you do and you’ll weather any storm and fight through the other side to become a successful business man.

2# Gordon Ramsey – “F@#k OFF”

Perhaps best known for his somewhat explosive temper and profane nature, he is nonetheless a stand-up businessman. Why? He’s got a unique selling point. Well, ok, perhaps being vulgar and abrasive isn’t, sadly, too unique, but it is on live television. It’s unique in that it’s real; he’s avoided toning down his personality and nature. If anything, he may have inflated his negative attributes to make him more entertaining. Regardless, he’s found a personality that works for him and stuck with it. Businesses are much the same as people: they need a personality to really work. However, any old personality will not do, it must match your business ideals and goals. With the advent of effective social networking, creating this personality is even easier than before. Be careful, however, because what works for one business may not work for another. Go with a personality you know will make you unique and earn you a few brownie points with customers/clients. Most importantly, make sure you keep your personality the same.

Anyways, I’ve got a rather busy evening ahead of me, so i’m afraid that’s all i’ve got time for at the moment!


Dan Little

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