Using A Recession To Your Advantage

by Dan on November 27, 2009

recession Using A Recession To Your AdvantageA recession will happen once, twice or a few times in a decade. It’s a fact. As well as saving during the ‘honeymoon’ period, why not look to make some serious money in the economies? When people are tightening their belts, you can loosen yours and take full control of their downfalls.

A recession is not some higher being who has made a mistake. It is the majority trend in spending, not spending and borrowing which causes a downturn. The trend is a Chinese whisper of events that causes so many to shy away. Taking advantage of this negative trend will see rewards.

Stock markets, which rely on buying and spending, will be hit hard. Share prices of companies will plummet. Hang on. Why do people shy away from diminished share values? Buying into companies who have had a short fall, especially the banks, such as Northern Rock or Lloyds Bank, will soon bounce back to normality. This is where a medium term investment will work wonders.

Recessions typically last for 6-18 months. Putting your money into shares during one has its risks, but the rewards are far more appealing when the public forget about the fear. At least, until the next recession.

While only a temporary idea, and that’s all it is, debt collection during a recession is a very lucrative market to be in. Lenders cannot pay back their debts, houses and their contents are repossessed. It’s not a myth, it really happens. Unfortunately for some, money can be made from it. Debt Collectors, although the need of no soul is a bonus, achieve around £100 per hour for their work. Therefore, if you can leave your conscience in your bedside cabinet, being a debt collector might work for you.

If your morals stop short of debt collection, how about repairs? During a recession, the general public tends not to splash out on new plasma TV’s or nano-silver technology washing machines. They get old ones repaired! Establishments up and down the country offer general handyman repair courses such at, which give the expertise and knowledge for repairing household appliances.

During a recession, the optimist or the pessimist will reign through. Either you follow the crowd, which adds to the downturn, or you buck the trend to bounce right out of there. Australia in 2009, with its hardy inhabitants, refused to join in with the world. Albeit due to the National Australian Bank having a strong grip on interest rates, they bypassed the recession in most ways. The clever money would be on importing from recession beaten countries and delivering the produce to, in this case, the high rolling Australians.

Dan Signature Using A Recession To Your Advantage

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