Are You Utilizing Cashback Sites?

by Dan on November 16, 2009

Setting yourself up at a free cashback site sound ominous doesn’t it? The fact is credit card companies offer other companies benefits without even trying to tell the general public about. The way to deal with it is to find all of the latest and greatest cash back offers and aim for the best paying ones.

As many are credit card based, remember to pay off each balance before the end of the month and side step those charges. Take Curry’s for instance, the electrical goods supplier, they have a 3% cash back system on the product’s cost. Tesco Direct offer the same rate. If you want a new TV or a fridge, you can collect money back. The typical payments of HMV and Marks & Spencers are 5% of the product’s costs. Whilst it may not seem like the summer 90% sales Matalan does, they can bring cash back to your wallet which otherwise would have buffed up the mega company’s profits.

Cashback is basically an advertiser’s commission. A website offering another company’s services will receive a cut of the sale. To make the advertising website more appealing, they have to give something to the customer. This is where the 3% or 5% comes into play. Taking advantage of this over the course of a year will reap strong rewards. It is just one way of building another stream of income.

Having many avenues of income is only a good thing. Take Aviva home insurance for example, get a policy with them and collect £70 per policy. Add an HSBC account for an extra £20. These scraps of money, similar to savings or indeed use them as savings, will boost your bank balance. Once the money is in your account, as long as there isn’t a hefty charge, you can cancel most of these accounts and move onto the next new one. Even if you just do this once a year, look at it as a Christmas present fund or a holiday kitty.

How you look at a cash back scheme is up to you. There are many websites such as, which offer the newest and highest paying website cashback. They keep up to date and they receive their commission for it, for you to latch onto and save money.

Not only online, but if you venture out to the high street, Superdrug, Halfords and JJB Sports offer cash back on their goods. This not only helps, maybe in small doses, but also as with a Boots Advantage card, you build up the points and can redeem them later down the line. This loyalty bonus, similar to cash back, is a cracking way to build extra incomes.

Dan Signature Are You Utilizing Cashback Sites?

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