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by Dan on November 16, 2009

Gone are the days where it’s just you against the customer. The traditional method of sending out flyers, handing out leaflets and putting your tiny lineage in the Yellow Pages are long gone. Even the Yellow Pages are online!

Everyone says that word of mouth marketing is the best. You know the products people huddled around the coffee machine at work or endorse when you’re having a pint in the pub. They make you buy the product faster than any advert could do.

Having affiliates to advertise your website is one of the most lucrative ways to earn money online. The agent advertises your website and takes a commission for every time a product is sold when the customers click through from another website to yours. You sell a product, the agent receives a commission, and everyone’s a winner.

Sounds simple, and it is. If you run an online bookshop, having as an affiliate can help make money from books you might not stock, but they do. You can still earn a little from directly sending customers to them. Obviously, you wouldn’t want all your customers going to another website, so pick out related subjects. A book reader might want to purchase the film of their favorite book. Your website can point customers to a DVD shop.

These added commissions from passing customers to your website will make the salesperson or agent work a little harder to gain as many as they can. Your sales will increase remarkably and the agent will hopefully bring a good stream of qualified customers to you.

One of the ways to get many streams of income from affiliates is to have many. Lots of websites, with different ways of marketing themselves, bring new and untapped customers. Getting a regular income is difficult with affiliates, but working at them and sticking with the ones that work could make that payment to your bill payers. Think of these added little extras as the ones who pay your costs. Once they are out of the way, you can look towards new ventures and your profits will see a marked increase.

Having agents working for your website is a great way of networking. Exchanging links to other relevant sites can help optimize your website for search engine results. This building and probing will lift your reputation and status in your field of business. Running a website is not an overnight, get rich quick scheme. It takes time. A good way of helping customers understand why there are adverts for other companies on your website is to dedicate a page explaining they are relevant to the keywords used, so they might be interested in what is on offer.

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