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welcome to my blog. Here I’ve written a short(ish) post about me so you know something about the person behind the blog!

A short introduction:

My name is Daniel Little and, after a fair few years trying my hand at a few money-making schemes, I have found that it is possible to make money from home (£250/$500 – £$ unlimited) without too much hardwork  – of course, the more you want to earn the more effort it takes. Being the generous gentleman I am, I’ve decided to compile a whole site of small money-making ideas and ventures that you can use yourself to make some extra money. Used in combination they have the potential to give you a very healthy income! Used on their own, they can give you a substantial supplement to your income that you could use on treating yourself, or your family, to something nice! I’ve therefore designed this site to not only encourage other people to do what I did, but also encourage them to post their own ideas on this site. This way readers of Little Earner benefit from both my somewhat expert advice (what a modest chap I am) and the experiences of others.

Most people write off make-money ideas as fraudulent scams immediately, but the truth is that not everything that promises to work is a complete lie. No doubt they inflate certain facts and figures beyond the average return, but the figures they lay out are generally possible providing you take the time necessary to understand how to work the system.

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

Albert Einstein

How it all started for me:

It was during my time at university that I first discovered the concept of making money online. Naturally, I was spending all my money on drink and living and needed to supplement my lousy student loans.

When I first started out I was frustrated by the sheer amount of rubbish spinned out by the sites that promised me huge returns on the money I invested – not least because the money I invested was ALL my money at the time (cash-strapped student, remember?).

I persevered though and took to approaching it from a new angle, I’d go on these sites without listening to the promises made by the companies promoting them and instead decided to set myself my own goals: at first it was something like a 5% profit on all money invested. I then built up more and more of the ones that worked until I had several schemes on the go at once, all the time reinvesting the money I made in new sources. Over the course of about 2 months I started to have a LOT more money to play with. Unfortunately, I somehow still managed to spend all this extra cash on booze and enjoying myself. Well, I say unfortunately, at least I no longer had to suffer through the hangovers of cheap vodka – I could suffer through the hangovers of the premium vodkas in the luxury of silk pyjamas.

You can do it too:

That some achieve great success, is proof that all others can achieve it as well.

Abraham Lincoln

All of the ideas on this site worked for me, in some shape or form. Some of them are useful as a supplementary income and require little to no effort. Others are useful in allowing you to quit your job and begin working from home. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’ll find something that makes you money on this site!

If you’re considering working from home to make money online you should be asking yourself two questions:

“Which programs are scams?”

“Which programs best suits my needs?”

Well I’m here to help you with both these questions to make sure you don’t get scammed and to make sure you choose the make money program or venture which suits you best.

I would suggest that you take a look at my Little Earners. These are all my tried and tested methods for earning some extra money online. All of these tips require either no investment, or a very small investment (Less than £50 or $100).

Anyways, this site isn’t ALL about me, it’s mostly about you. So if you feel the need to contact me or give others on this site advice, please use the contact form below or post on any of my other articles. I, for one, enjoy interacting with people who share the same ambitions and goals as me, so please do feel free to contact me or my team here at Little Earner.

Get in touch!

Yours Sincerely,

Dan Little

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