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A Crowded Market is Still an Open Market

by Dan on April 30, 2012

With a small business start-up it is essential not to fall victim to the fear of competition. Do not let a crowded market worry you, and instead focus your attention on how you can outperform and offer something that the competition can’t. The expert businessmen will always find a way to gain a competitive edge, they are not consumed by the fear of failure and the sheer determination to succeed guides them almost effortlessly.

Unfortunately, one of the leading factors in why those who would love to be their own boss and run their own business do not take the plunge is fear of the competition. How are they going to compete with the already established names, that have everything in place where as they have nothing? It’s a complete nonsense question, and there will always be gaps and flaws that can be exploited. Analyse your competition, look at what they offer and find out what you can offer that they aren’t. A crowded market is still an open one, there is no such thing as a closed market.

There are so many people out there with goals and dreams that aren’t fulfilled because they simply don’t have the courage to get things started. It’s saddening to think that someone who is an expert in their field would stray from running their own business because they fear there is too much competition. Granted, there are some people that would know all there is to know about a subject but running a business would not appeal to, but there are those that have a burning desire to run their own start-up that are so consumed by the fear of failure they can’t even get their foot out of the door.

Unfortunately it’s popular belief among many that you won’t get anywhere in business unless you find a sufficient gap in the market. The truth is that your niche doesn’t need to be something fresh and innovative to succeed. It’s not just doing something that nobody else does that will make you money, but as obvious as it sounds, do something better than everybody else and success will follow. Don’t worry about who or what you are up against, just have a genuine aim to be the best and you may find that is just what you will be.




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