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4 Important Steps to Successful Article Marketing – Part 2

by Dan on June 7, 2012

Title – Give off a Great First Impression!

The title of your article may be just a small part of your article but it is as equally as important as the rest (if not more!) You will be surprised how a single line of text could be enough to make or break an article; even one that was superb content wise. The simple reason behind this is that your title is your first impression. This is what the reader will see before viewing any of your actual content, and what they will pass their initial judgement on.

There are two important things you must do when writing the title of your article. Firstly, you must try to sum up the entire article within one sentence. It is much easier than it sounds, especially if you did some preparation as I suggested in the first part of this post. You should find that you already have the purpose of the article in mind, so simply narrow that down to one line.

Secondly, you must generate curiosity with your title. Create something that is going to make the reader want to investigate further, something that is going make them want to find out exactly lies inside your article. Remember that the reader is unlikely to see any of your content before reading the title, so they need to be confident that the information contained within the article is beneficial to them before they spend their time reading it.

The title of this article is a good example of both these points being used in practice. Firstly, you know exactly what you are getting with this article. The reader knows straight away what the article is about and whether or not it is going to be relevant to what they are looking for. Secondly, I have generated curiosity by mentioning that there is something inside the reader would like to know. There are 4 tips to successful article marketing in here, and to find out what they are the reader must read the article.

If you are struggling to come up with a great title straight away, then it could be a good idea to get the content written first and then reflect upon what has been written in order to come up with a title. This should help you come up with a title that covers the points mentioned.


This is obviously where most of the work comes in. This is what the reader will attribute true value to, the backbone of your article. I’ve mentioned previously that you can’t just submit anything and expect it to be a hit. If the writer of an article hasn’t given their work the attention it deserves then you can be sure the reader will not give it their attention. Don’t aim to get things done quickly. Great writers may be able to come up with a fantastic article quicker than other writers, but you shouldn’t worry about that. An article should take as long as it takes, don’t rush to get things done and only consider an article complete when you genuinely feel that you cannot improve upon it. The phrase ‘Quality, not Quantity’ is said so often because it is 100% true, remember that!

In your writing always remember why you are writing the article in the first place. Remember, you are doing this to make money, if you enjoy doing it then that’s an added bonus. Do not give too much away in your article, don’t imply that your article itself is the solution to all of the readers’ problems, but instead leave questions unanswered, even provoke other questions. When you are done you can then point the reader in the direction where all the answers do actually lie.

Stay tuned for part 3 where I will give advice on the most important step to Article Marketing, the one that actually benefits you – how to monetize your article!



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