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3 Great Tips to Increase Traffic to your Blog

by Dan on June 19, 2012

So in my last post I talked about how blogging is still a great way to make money online. However, one of the biggest uphill struggles is always going to be driving traffic towards your blog. As mentioned, first and foremost you must ensure that you are giving value to your visitors, this is what will help not only bring your visitors in but it will keep them there. Remember that high volumes of traffic is useless unless they actually find what they are looking for at your website.

As hinted in the previous post however, there are plenty of ways in how you can generate more traffic towards your blog by yourself. It won’t mean anything if there is nothing of worth there, but it does help you get your foot through the door and you may see your efforts pay off a little bit sooner.

So here are three great tips to for increasing traffic to your blog:

Communities, get involved!

This first point is absolutely crucial. Visit other communities based around your niche such as forums, blogs and social media communities. If you start to get involved in communities related to your niche then not only do you have the chance to promote your blog but you can also actually learn a whole lot more about your topic. The best way to come across as an expert is by actually being an expert.

Be subtle about your true intentions however, and don’t just spam your links all over the place with contributing. Make it your aim to participate in the community and remember that value is still the key here. If you can add value to these communities then other members of the communities will look to you for further information. In turn they will hopefully become an active and frequent visitor of your blog.

Remember your SEO

Search Engines are always likely to be your biggest source of traffic, so always optimise your content. There is no reason why SEO should affect the quality of your content if it is done right. Most blogging platforms even have SEO systems and plug-ins readily available that makes everything pretty much as straight forward as you’re going to get.

Also, don’t worry to much about being punished by Search Engines. Search Engines like to punish spam, not standard optimisation techniques. As long as you don’t fall into the trap of doing things that try to cheat this system you will be okay.

Monitor your statistics

Install analytics code on your blog and actively monitor your traffics statistics. If you monitor your traffic, keeping an eye on how many visitors you are getting, who is coming from there, how long they spend on your blog etc. then you will get a pretty good idea of what you need to do in order to increase traffic.

For example, if you can see that high volumes of traffic are coming from the search engines, then of course that’s great. What that also tells you however is that you need to start pulling in traffic from elsewhere. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket and start trying to pull in traffic from elsewhere. This way you are covered if you were suddenly to lose your traffic stream from the search engines (which can happen just like that!)

There are of course many more ways of encouraging visitors to your blog, too many to list them all in great detail. What I will advise however is that you think outside the box a little, don’t solely rely on all these other methods and think of things that other people aren’t doing. The less competition the better, right?

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